• Ash Vaccum

    Model: 400
    Stove ash vacuum for fast cleanup of pellet stove, wood stove, and fireplace ash and debris. Dust free HEPA filtration. Spark arrestor screen prefilter. Aluminum hose and pickup tube, 5' total. 4 gallon canister. Shake off vibrating filter cleaning. Quiet, 80 dB sound level but powerful 820 W nitrim 85 CFM. No expensive bag filters to replace, powder coated black canister. Double insulated metal bottom on canister. For cold ash pick up only.
    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Marco 100# capacity sandblaster

    Manufacturer: Marco Model: M1-1507

    Small, swift, efficient. With extensive knowledge of blasting technology, Marco® has re-engineered these portable blast machines for ease of use and consistent performance.  The Blastmaster® 153 remote control valve is a pressure release system which allows for filling of the blast machine when the handle is released. Designed for quick loading, the concave top with triangle handle helps to fill and pressurize the machine. The integrator mixing valve lets you command the proper blend of air and abrasives. Perfect for all size jobs.  Made in the U.S.A.

    Rental Rates: Day: $85.00
  • Billy Goat High Weed and Brush hydrostatic Mower

    Manufacturer: Billy Goat Model: BC2600HH

    Make quick work of under-brush, berries, saplings, bramble, vines, tall grass and small trees! The Outback® BC26 can cut saplings up to 2” wide and brush 6’ tall – all at a rate of just under an acre of brush per hour.

    Step up to the Billy Goat Outback BC26 and dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.

    Rental Rates: Day: $90.00
  • Husqvarna Backpack Leaf Blower

    Manufacturer: Husqvarna Model: 150BT

    The Husqvarna 150BT is a commercial grade blower in the popular 50 cc mid-size range featuring the powerful X-Torq® engine. The harness and controls are ergonomically designed for high capacity and ease of use.

    Rental Rates: Day: $50.00
  • 6 c.f. Towable Cement Mixer

    Manufacturer: Multiquip

    6 cubic foot capacity, powered by Honda gas engine, 2" ball required for towing.

    Rental Rates: Day: $80.00
  • 16' Extension Ladder

    Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing

    Fiberglass extension ladder

    Rental Rates: Day: $22.00
  • 16 gal. Dehumidifier

    Manufacturer: Dri-Eaz Model: LGR7000 XLi

    Product Features

    • Advanced Crossflow Technology maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments. Ensures best performance across range.
    • Self-monitoring system. Built-in sensors monitor performance parameters allowing for automatic fan speed adjustments.
    • Built-in humidistat and plain-English control panel messages
    • Sealed large-capacity pump basin – more than enough to handle the water from an unintentional defrost that might occur after a power outage or other unexpected shut-down.
    • Ergonomic design. Handle 2 in. taller for easier use on stairs, folds down for storage. Integrated cord and hose storage.
    • Versatile application – standard 12 in. ductable outlet.


    Rental Rates: Day: $58.00
  • 17" Floor Buffer/Polisher

    Model: ESLC17

    17" Polisher, 175 RPM, 1.5hp, 50' Cord, adjustable chrome plated handle tube, Non-Marking PVC bumper, 5" easy rolling, non-marking wheels.

    Rental Rates: Day: $44.00
  • Electric Heavy Duty Stapler

    Manufacturer: Crain Tools Model: 625

    Slender nose, short narrow profile and rounded cap are helpful in tight spaces.

    Rental Rates: Day: $18.00
  • 3 Gallon Carpet Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line Model: 401TRS-ES

    The Silver-Star Carpet Extractors from Silver-Line are lightweight and rental tough. Designed to clean carpets, hard floors & grouted tile.

    Rental Rates: Day: $36.00
  • Mity-Meg 25-Watt Rechargeable Megaphone

    Model: S602

    Lightweight and powerful with new Piezo dynamic technology. Comfortable pistol grip and 3 modes: Talk, Siren and Whistle - up to 1 mile (1760 Yards) sound coverage. Weatherproof high impact plastic and steel.

    Rental Rates: Day: $30.00
  • Our Price: $700.00 each
    (Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more detail.)
  • Roller Bowler

    The seemingly simple game of rolling the ball up

    the hill. Don’t be fooled! You must roll the ball

    hard enough to pass the first hill, but soft

    enough to not roll all the way back!

    The name of the game is completeing the task

    before the person next to you.

    Rental Rates: Hour: $26.00
  • Rattlesnake Roundup

    Ring the rattlesnakes round the cactus arms,

    but don’t get too comfortable with one cactus- each of

    them need to be hooked with a snake of their own!

    Rental Rates: Day: $26.00
  • Maze Runner

    Maze Runner is a new and exciting game that challenges both your

    patience and your skills! The object of the game is to guide your ball

    through the maze by spinning the maze via the wheel at the bottom.

    Can you master the maze?

    Rental Rates: Hour: $26.00
  • Bottles Up Front

    Tip the Bottle sounds simple enough, right? Challenge

    yourself to pull the bottle into an upright position using

    only a wand and your wits! Each bottle is a level of its

    own, easier for the kids and harder for the adults- which

    one can you master?

    Rental Rates: Day: $26.00
  • Down the Ducks

    How good is your throwing arm? Test your aim

    with our line of classic bean bag toss games!

    Rental Rates: Hour: $26.00
  • Milwaukee Close Quarter Drill

    Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tools Model: 0370-20

    The 3/8” Close Quarter Angle Drill goes where other drills can’t. This is the perfect tool for drilling and fastening applications in tight spaces, between floor joists and working overhead. It is compact and lightweight, with a unique chuck angle for close quarters and angled cord exit to keep the cord away from the work area. The drill features a large paddle trigger for smooth control and a conveniently located forward/reverse lever. The textured palm grip provides comfort and control in all positions so you can get the job done like never before.

    Rental Rates: Day: $18.00
  • EDCO 7" Turbo Concrete Floor Grinder

    Manufacturer: EDCO Model: TMC7-2L
    • Preparing a smooth, flat floor to receive a new coating
    • Removing coatings
    • Grinding rough concrete surfaces
    • Grinding surfaces 4 times faster than a traditional floor grinder
    Rental Rates: Day: $240.00
  • Misting Fan

    Model: CDMP1840GRY

    An instant lowering of air temperature--
    and a proven effective way to combat heat stress

    Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
  • Bobcat S530 Skid Steer Loader

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: S530

    As the first machine in the vertical path line up, the Bobcat® S530 skid-steer loader is ideal for working in tight areas where reach at the top of the lift cycle is needed. Load materials into a truck bed or use in pallet fork applications, plus enjoy all the other benefits of an M-Series loader.

    Rental Rates: Day: $240.00
  • 19' Scissor Lift

    Manufacturer: Haulotte Group Model: 1930E

    Made for interior or hard surfaces only.

    Rental Rates: Day: $145.00
  • Princess Carriage

    Manufacturer: National Audubon Society

    This beautiful Princess Carriage inflatable combo is a real sight to see. Let your princess enjoy her special day with her very own beautiful Princess Carriage. Everyone at the event will be talking about this beautiful combo. Let your party guests bounce, climb, and slide in this one-of-a-kind Princess Carriage inflatable combo rental.

    Rental Rates: Day: $245.00
  • 14 x 20 Military Bounce House

    Manufacturer: Ninja Jump

    Great bounce house for military themed parties!

    Rental Rates: Day: $210.00
  • Tiki Falls Slide

    Manufacturer: Ninja Jump
    The Tiki Falls Slide with splash pool is a wet/dry slide any indoor even or warm outdoor party as a great way to cool off. This wet/dry slide allows riders to climb 14 feet to a No-Jump Top, which forces players to slide down correctly, keeping them secure. Kids climb up a left-sided climb to a wide right-sided slick slide, into an oversized, safety-ended pool. A brightly-colored theme completes the Tiki Falls look.
    Rental Rates: Day: $365.00