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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 1886

The Gold Medal Sno-Flake Model 1886 is the "little brother" to the larger snow cone maker you may have rented in the past.

  • Shaves 1lb. per minute
  • Cabinet holds 5lbs. of shaved Ice
  • Dimensions 20-1/4" W x 10-1/4" D x 23" H. 

Rental Rates
  • Day

People travel to Hawaii for the quality of shaved ice, which you can now create in your own home from this mini powerhouse. Snow Cone cart also available for rent @ $35.00.

  • Ice so nice & fluffy, you’ll think it came from the sky
  • Use ice cubes right from your freezer!
  • IT’S FAST! Fills an 8 oz cup in 5 seconds or less!
  • It’s light enough for a child to carry; less than 8 lbs
  • It’s ridiculously EASY & FUN TO USE!
Rental Rates
  • Day

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • SKU: 9000040
  • Model Number: 1002

Sno-Konette machines are simple - easy to use and safe to operate. Several flavors are available including cherry, grape, orange and many more!

Mini snow cone machine also available for $50.00!

Snowie snow cone machine available for $28.00!!

Rental Rates
  • Day