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Product Info

3 Gallon Carpet Cleaner

3 Gallon Carpet Cleaner

  • Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line
  • Model Number: 401TRS-ES

The Silver-Star Carpet Extractors from Silver-Line are lightweight and rental tough. Designed to clean carpets, hard floors & grouted tile. Unit comes with an upholstery attachment at no charge! Clean your stairs or your furniture while you're at it.

Rental Rates
  • Day
  • Weighs only 40 pounds so it’s light enough for anyone to easily lift and transport
  • Self-adjusting, self-leveling, spring-loaded Chevron brush and vacuum shoe allows easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors
  • Revolutionary patented lift-off bucket with bladder holds both clean and dirty water, eliminated need to pour into the machines and making filling and emptying incredibly easy. The result – no spills or mess!
  • Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy transportation and storage
  • The 411TR Floor Valve switch reduces jet orifice by 80% enabling the Silver-Star to clean resilient flooring, vinyl & grouted tile
  • Over 90% water recovery
  • See-through recovery dome
  • Side Extension for cleaning right to baseboards